Cartagena Colombia is one of the few places in the world that effortlessly possesses old world charm. Located on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, this city is the perfect gateway to getaway in South America. The center of Cartagena’s beauty is right inside of its historical walled city. With its cobblestone streets, colorful colonial homes, and charismatic citizens, Cartagena,

Colombia is the absolute perfect place for your next vacation.10 am: Welcome to Cartagena! Kick off your weekend with a cup of Juan Valdez coffee. With year round hot temperatures, you’ll want to make this one an iced coffee. Reserve a boat with This is Cartagena for tomorrow’s trip to the Rosario Islands.0:30 am: Take a walk around the old walled city of Cartagena. The town is surrounded by Las Murallas, the walls that were built to protect from other countries trying to siege the city.Savor local snacks like arepas (corn) and fresh mango, take in the architecture, and enjoy the sounds of the horse drawn carriages.Grab a seat outside at La Cevicheria, a Cartagena staple for fresh seafood.6 pm: Head to local favorite Café Del Mar to watch a beautiful Cartagena sunset. Located on the edge of the walled city, directly on top of the wall, this café boasts soothing deep house music while you watch the sun slip under the Caribbean Sea. Playa Blanca, a long strip of untouched white sand beach. The budget is between, HOTEL US$80 four stars – FOOD: US$25 day /1 Person — TOURIST PACKAGE US$ 150 Couples, Main tourist destinations, TAXIS US$10 – 20 max, BEERS US$3.5 in nightclubs, The entrance to the beaches is free and public.

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