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And it’s not like the often-shirtless silver daddy is shying away from the associative spotlight. Over 125 thousand Instagram followers, including me, have been captivated by Gianluca Vacchi’s lavish lifestyle, equal parts extreme fitness freak and Italian decadence done over-the-top. And it all started with one photo of him and a tanned and shirtless Zac Efron riding horses together. In turn, Vacchi, always the savvy businessman, has aimed to capitalize on the attention by documenting his high-flying adventures and escapades around the world for a new online venture GVLifestyle. There, he shares his daily routine, which often involves elaborate photo shoots in exotic destinations and fitness videos featuring expensive nextgen workout gear you could almost envision Bruce Wayne having in his Batcave. The GVLifestyle motto is simple: live each day like it’s your last… so go ahead and get your own personally branded Mercedes G-Class SUV. He believes in it so fully that he got a tattoo of the phrase #GVLifestyle on his thigh.I really can’t decide whether this Gianluca Vacchi character is a self-made superhero to be celebrated or a delusional joke, unaware of his extreme ridiculosity. Maybe he’s just going through the most expensive mid-life crisis ever documented. Peek into the Vacchi universe and let me know what you think.He’s a swinger.

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