SportFlix: the Netflix of sports

August 30 marks the worldwide launch of Sportflix, the new sports platform defined by Matías Said, its VP, as “the Netflix of sports”, which will cost between 20 and 30 dollars a month, and will grant access from one single platform to dozens of sports events.To find out more about the platform, its launch, goals and model, ttvnews spoke to Said, who hopes to have around 400,000 subscribers before the end of the year, thanks to the 600,000 visits the site already receives and the 20,000 pre-registrations it already has.

How would you define Sportflix? Sportflix is a live sports platform which will provide users with the chance to watch their favorite events anywhere, with two simple clicks. This is the Netflix of sports. Where will it launch?- It will launch on August 30 around the world. The brand will have an event in Mexico around those dates to launch it, but the service will be available worldwide, since one of the main benefits is that no matter where you are, if you move or travel, as long as you’re connected to the internet you can use Sportflix and watch events anywhere with your account. And will it only offer specific events? Or will the platform provide access to linear programming from those networks as well? -We will cover most sports events, but we will not offer sports shows before and after the events. We are not a sports network or a news platform. We will offer the game, the fight or the race, and nothing more.

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