ANASTASIA Kvitko might not be well known to those who don’t have Instagram – but it appears it will only be a matter of time until she will be.The model, dubbed the “Russian Kim Kardashian”, has been slammed by trolls who are accusing her of having plastic surgery – but who is the star and why’s she famous?.

Anastasia, from Kaliningrad, in Russia’s Kaliningrad Oblast region, posted a snap online showing a huge plaster across her belly She wrote: “I am so happy to present my ‘Line of Innovation’ product, my secret to keep my own shape, Body Curves.” She claims the bizarre looking plaster, which should be worn for eight hours a day, helps to burn excess fat and works especially well when worn during exercise.but not all of her online followers were convinced by the claim.One commenter posting under the name “angie_tocaj” said: “Geez, her ‘secret’ is a white patch”Another named “ballarmerac” added: “Lmao along with her 30 surgeries.” Others carried on the attack, saying the model’s body is far from natural.User “sweetgrisel84” said: “Your perfect body is due to plastic surgery sweetie not those paper wraps.”In the past the Russian beauty has been accused of deliberately modelling herself on superstar Kim K., who is married to rapper Kanye West.Haters claim the 22-year-old copies her clothes, hair and makeup styles. But Anastasia hit back, claiming that she is “much better looking” than the US star, adding that her own body is completely natural and purely a result of “hard work at the gym”. The beauty says she “ignores the haters” and claims she only decided to make her curves her trademark after being rejected by several modelling.

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